Saturday, 6 November 2010

A new post at last :) this will be about the "All".

i have been reading a book called the KYbalion, this may be familiar to some of you, or it may not. the book is about the seven hermetic principals at its philosophies, its a very interesting book and is worth the read, i recommend it to any of you who are interested.

im going to write out its blurb so you have an idea of what its all about.

The Kybalion: a study of the hermetic philosophy of ancient Greece and Egypt is a concise and elegant treatise on occultism and hight magic in Greece and Egypt. Here you will be introduced to the seven hermetic principles, a foundation upon which one can build their own personal spiritual path.

In this post i will be writing about the "All", if you guys would like to hear more about this then ask and ill inform :)

Okay, first the All is infinite across time and space, there isn't a time were it hasn't existed and there will never be a time were it wont existed, there isn't a place any were were it does not existed for it is infinite and ever lasting.

second, since it is infinite it cannot be subtracted from nor can it be added to, it simply is. the All needs nothing, nor does it crave any thing, it does not have the emotions of us "mortals" as it lives on a higher plane of existence to us.

this All decided to everything we know as the universe. now as i previously said, the all cannot add to it self as its infinite, and it cant create the universe some were as the all would be there as well, as it is infinite. so were did it create? and out of what materials, as the all is every thing and cannot be subtracted from.

the All created us in its mind, as the Kybalion is so insistent on reminding us it says "the universe is mental" so we inhabit a small part of its mind.

okay now i have described the "All" im going to tell you what happens after death.

when we die, we carry on our soul carries on with out us, it goes to the "next plane" of existence. there are many plans of existence and we are on but the first. when we die as i said we advance onto the next one. how we advance from that one to the next i dont know, it dosnt state, i guess because you have to get to that stage to actually know at all.
the Kyabaion states that gods of other religions are just beings that inhabit higher plans of existence, these higher being have powers we wouldn't think possible, but we to can possess if we reach such a level. how ever high these beings get though, they can never escape the Alls mind as if they did the All would cease to be infinite and that is impossible.

pretty odd way of looking at it, but its a nice little theory to think about, i dont think i really accept the ideas, but non the less found them interesting, if you want more on ti then ask and im sure i can provide :)

sorry for the late post, its been hectic :)